USEncrypt® + Pandas#

As per Pandas’ website, Pandas is a “fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use open source data analysis and manipulation tool, built on top of the Python programming language.”

It relies on their DataFrame object, which can contain multiple rows and columns of data. Due to its many applications, we have extended DataFrame objects to support objects encrypted with USEncrypt®, bringing all their benefits to working with encrypted data. For more information about how to work with encrypted DataFrame objects, please refer to the following demos:

  • USEncrypt® + Pandas: Basic Operations
    • File: usencrypt_pandas_basics.ipynb

    • A collection of basic overloaded Pandas operations available for encrypted data, showcasing the USEncrypt® + Pandas compatibility, particularly encrypted DataFrame objects.

  • USEncrypt® + Pandas: Encrypted DataFrame Search
    • File: usencrypt_pandas_search.ipynb

    • An example showing how to perform a simple search on a Pandas DataFrame encrypted with the USEncrypt® library, further showcasing the benefits of the USEncrypt® + Pandas compatibility.

  • USEncrypt® + Pandas: Getting Averages
    • File: usencrypt_pandas_averages.ipynb

    • A simple example working with a Pandas DataFrame encrypted with the USEncrypt® library. Using USEncrypt®, Pandas, and NumPy, we are able to easily manipulate the encrypted sample Height-Weight to find the mean height and weight for each category.